Gender-neutral emojis hit screens in new Apple update

October 31, 2019 12:03 pm
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Asianmail Desk : New kinds of gender-neutral emojis of most of its people icons, including punks, clowns and zombies, have been introduced by Apple as part of an update to its mobile operating system.

The tech giant has offered growing numbers of inclusive emoji designs in recent years, putting out a range of skin tones and occupations, with Google’s Android publishing its own non-binary faces in May.

A wheelchair, guide dog and a flexing prosthetic arm are among Apple’s latest batch — put out on Monday with the iOS 13.

2 upgrade — that users can slip into messages to get their points across.
The new gender-neutral emojis differ slightly from the male and female ones.

In some, the style and colour of their clothes is changed. In others the haircuts are different and a “gender-neutral facial structure” is used, says the Emojipedia website.

The attempt at on-screen inclusivity has not pleased everyone however, with some suggesting the icons indicate how gender-nonconforming people should look.