SADAQAH Foundation USA Always for Humanity

May 13, 2020 12:43 am
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Staff reporter : New York dwellers are suffering extreme food crisis as they cannot get out on the street even if they have enough dollars at home. SADAQAH FOUNDATION USA stands beside these troubled people regardless of race, religion or caste. If anyone contacts SADAQAH FOUNDATION USA through their hotline at 718 200 9222 for food, this non-profit organization provides essential food items to their doorstep. This volunteering service has been continuing since 25 March.
Shahana Begum, 41, who lives in Jamaica in her own home but she was in severe food crisis despite having enough money. Shahana Begum said that my husband was suffering from critical diseases since 25 December and it was much difficult for me to maintain my family with two children. During this time the SADAQAH FOUNDATION USA delivered food to my home. They have assured that during the entire Ramadan they will feed at least two hundred families. We are grateful for their activities, she added. Ravi Karmokar, 36, who lives in Elmstead of New York and his husband died two months ago. Now she is living with 2 children. Ravi said several people affected with coronavirus at our apartment. I don’t dare to get out of the house to buy any food item due to corona fear. In this time this foundation built a human bond going above the religious spectrum.

Mawlana Muhammad Shahidullah, executive director of the SADAQAH FOUNDATION USA, said, ‘You cannot find any poor people in USA, but several people living with a temporary food crisis due to global coronavirus pandemic. So we are trying to support these people as far as we can. Many people are feeling sick in their homes. We are trying to make them communicate with renowned doctors in their particular field of specialization. Many people don’t know how to perform a funeral after someone died due to Coronavirus. One burial costs at least five thousand dollars. Several families do not have this capability. Meanwhile New York City’s authority buried the corona bodies at the mass grave after waiting for six days as they have no religious identity or contact person on behalf of the family.’ So we will be contacting those who have financial assistance and other services in this regard, Imam Mawlana Muhammad Shahidullah added. They have also formed A special team of 10 doctors for counseling and 10 imams for the spiritual healing of people. You can also donate to SADAQAH FOUNDATION USA to propagate their activities smoothly. You can connect with them as a volunteer at your home or outside.
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