Sadaqah Foundation USA conducted Qurbani in different 17 places of Bangladesh

September 2, 2020 1:28 am
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Staff Correspondent: Sadaqah Foundation has provided Qurbani to the poorest and most miserable people to stand by the people affected by the Corona and floods. The US-based aid organization organizedthis event in different districts of the country, including the capital Dhaka.

The chief executive of the organization said that the whole world is severely affected by during corona disaster. Meanwhile, the poor people of Bangladesh are in more crisis. So they organized it with the aim of delivering the qurbanimeat to them. The Chief Executive of Sadaqah Foundation commended all the donors for their support in organizing this sacrifice. He said various donors have come forward for the people of Bangladesh. And the staff of the Sadaqah Foundation has worked to reach out to the actual distressed people.

Qurbani of animals were organized for the extremely poor slum dwellers at several spots in Tejgaon, Banasree, Aftabnagar in the capital Dhaka. Apart from that,qurbani meats are distributed among local people ofMirzaganj of Patuakhali, MymensinghSadar and Fulbaria, Haimchar of Chandpur, Durgapur of Pirojpur, Nesarabad, Sarsina, Brahmanbaria of Comilla, Patharghata,Amtali of Barguna, Charmonai ofBarishal, Lalmonirhat, Tangail and in different villages of Narsingdi.

Due to this initiative, two thousand nine hundred and thirty five people of 856 families got the opportunity to have qurbani meat. Qurbani meat is reached to more than three hundred people under the leadership of Mawlana Khalid Saifullah in Jamalpur. Besides that, Qurbani and meat distribution programs are successfully conducted by Sadikur Rahman Azhari in Narsingdi, MawlanaShamsuddoha in Barishal, journalist Jawhar Iqbal in Patuakhali, ShahidullahKabir in Barguna, MawlanaMiraj Ahmed in Dhaka, Dr. Iqbal Hossain in Kushtia, journalist Abu Saeed in Chandpur and journalist Tanvir in Mymensingh. Poor and Distressed people’s reaction was very touching when they came to collect qurbani meat.

Zamiron, an old lady who came to collect meat, said “I wished to have meat for many days but I could not due to lack of money. It feels like, you are sent from Allah and I got meat from Sadaqah Foundation. May Allah bless you”.Kulsum, a child said, “If you had not given me meat, I would not have the opportunity to have meat. There has been many days I have not eaten beef”. Aged Yunus Mia said, “I gave up the hope of having qurbani meat in the current situation of the country. Thank you so much Sadaqah Foundation. Allah gave me the opportunity to eat meat through you.”Nesarun Begum from Fulbaria, Mymensingh said, “At this old age, I cannot ask for meat by going house to house. The meat that Sadaqah has given to me, I can have it properly with the whole family.”


Sufia Bibi from Barguna said, “Our area has been affected by Amphan and corona has spread all over the country. In the midst of all this, Allah has fed us qurbani meat through Sadaqah Foundation. My prayers for Sadaqah”. Low-income people have been living with distress of capital Dhaka. After organizing Qurbani in Tejgaon area by Sadaqah, Sharifa Begum came to collect meat and said, “Previously, our family was run by working in other people’s home. Since the beginning of corona, no one wants take us for working in their houses. There is no work and there is also food crisis at our home. During this period, many people did not offer qurbani. Many households did not buy any cow. We can spend our Eid with family properly with the meat given by you (Sadaqah Foundation). Thank you, may Allah grace you to organize qurbani like this in next year as well.