Environmentalist Yasmin Rasyid, the fixer who gets things moving

January 7, 2016 7:49 am
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There is no stopping her now as environmentalist Yasmin Rasyid intensifies her efforts to influence young minds so that they become more environmentally conscious.

Despite managing two non-profit organisations and being a partner in a start-up social enterprise, Yasmin somehow still manages to find time for her family, work and the community.

“What drives me is the challenge, I love it and I always feel like I’m the fixer who mobilises things,” said the president and founder of EcoKnights.

The mother of two girls adds that she loves educating the community about sustainable living and equipping them with the knowledge to walk the talk.

Most people may be aware about environmental issues such as climate change, but only a handful actually do their part in trying to save the environment.

“I try empowering the community and teaching them what to do, like a catalyst planting the right ideas here and there,” she said.

Yasmin, who is also leading the Malaysian Environmental NGO (MENGO) which is a coalition of environmental NGOs, says the organisation strives to empower young minds.

These days, it runs an eco-film festival, presents awards to environmentally responsible companies, and conducts workshops and training for big groups from corporate bodies and government agencies but a decade ago, EcoKnights was formed around her dining room table in 2005 with just the idea of empowering young minds and the community in Klang Valley.

“Before EcoKnights, I did many workshops and trained residents associations and schoolchildren.

“My mother and husband gave their full support when I decided to start something on my own and made what I’m doing more real and structured,” she said.